The CV listing site for UK countryside professionals23rd October 2018
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C3 is run by the team behind CJS. We all have countryside backgrounds which gives us a unique insight into the sector. And as we've been there and know how difficult it can be we understand the problems faced by both existing professionals looking to move on and also those just setting out in their career. CJS was established in July 1994 giving us 14 years experience on the other side too, which allows us to see solutions to the problems.

So why did we set up C3? We saw a gap in the services offered for countryside professionals and thought the CJS team would be the right people to fill that gap. As we move into a more technological age and away from pen and paper more and more people are turning to the internet and now many young people starting in the sector do not know a life without computers, indeed IT is often the first line of attack, rather than the CV avalanche, 'spray & pray' approach of old. With the knowledge of the sector behind us we've been able to build a CV matching service specifically designed for the countryside and conservation sector. For more about the C3 site please read the Site Profile.

Like CJS C3 is an ethical business, dealing fairly with customers and trying to limit its impact on the environment. CJS (C3 parent company) is a Carbon Neutral Business, to find out more and to read our Environmental Policy Click Here.