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I am a friendly down to earth individual looking to gain employment within the environmental/agricultural/animal husbandry sector. I have a host of practical ‘hands on’ experience and knowledge in many ecological, agricultural and wildlife habitat areas.

Ecological consultancy based in Bristol, providing a range of services to community groups, charities, private individuals, government bodies, businesses, and landowners inn Bristol run by Neill Talbot, providing a range of services.

Ecologist with experience in protected species surveys, ECoW, freshwater surveys, water quality monitoring, and environmental microbiology

Environmental consultant based in Cheshire with over 35 years’ experience working with public authorities, communities, NGOs and the private sector to protect, conserve and enhance the natural and historic environment. My aim is to help people match their plans and aspirations with the need to safeguard the environment through common-sense and sustainable solutions.

My professional experience includes 20 years of project coordination and program management. 

Three key words to describe my work ethic include: Organised  Scientific  Reliable.

Recently I successfully completed my MSc in Biodiversity Conservation. 

Independent Networked Heritage Freelancer in the North Pennines

Support communities (of interest, geography or need) to make the best of their history, wildlife and landscapes.

Project management & development, evaluation, fundraising 

A motivated individual with passion and experience in parks,horticulture, conservation, ecology, community engagement and volunteers. 

A highly motivated individual with a proven track record of success. A passion for conservation which I want to share with others. MRes Endangered Species Recover and Conservation degree holder. Looking for a chance to apply my skills and knowledge.

Hard working, knowledgable graduate seeing work in a braod range of sectors including, but not limited to: 
Ecological Consultancy (including sub-contracting/subbie)

Environmetnal Consultancy


GIS, cartography and mapping

Over 25 years of successfully creating and delivering ambitious and transformative visions in education, culture, tourism and entertainment in the commercial and non-for-profit sectors.

I enjoy being busy, and since 2012 I have worked with two private Ecological Consultancies on a freelance basis, carrying out roost visits and Emergence and Re-entry bat surveys. I have a bat licence to disturb and handle bats.

It was whilst studying for the MSc that I started work as a Countryside Ranger for DWR Cymru Welsh Water.

I carry out freelance invertebrate and bird surveying and have worked for Natural Resources Wales, The Elan Valley Trust, Elan Links, The Brecknock Wildlife Trust and private conservationists.

I am used to speaking to groups of people and have given a variety of presentations to interested groups about bees and wasps, and a rewarding part of my conservation work is to teach about aculeates.

 I have led workshops for the public about bees, both bumblebees and solitary species. Usually, I will combine a morning presentation with an afternoon out in the field. In a freelance capacity, it has been my pleasure to have led Identification Workshops for the Elan Valley Trust, Radnorshire Wildlife Trust, and the Biodiversity Information Service; the Local Records Centre for Breconshire, Radnorshire and Montgomeryshire.

GIS digital mapping and Small Business IT Consultant since 2001 with expertise in renewable energy, conservation, woodlands/forestry and agri-environment work.

  • GIS map production
  • Spatial Data Management
  • Bespoke ArcGIS Training
  • GIS/GPS Field surveys

Environmental professional with extensive strategic, policy, tender, funding and project management experience both home and overseas. 

A fully indentured precision engineer with practical conservation, team leadership skillset.

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