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I have more than 6 years of solid work experience in the field of countryside

management and some aspects of conservation. I've always been an

enthusiastic, hardworking, reliable team player and I'm competent and certified in a variety of machinery. 


I'm an extremely bubbly person committed to the outdoors with a passion for trees and wildlife.I've always been an outdoor girl and I've always tried to do my bit for our wildlife and plants from creating wildflower beds at my allotment for the bees and butterflies to volunteering and to monthly donations. I've always got a smile on my face that can be contagious so its never a dull day with me even if the job in hand isn't the most ideal I will always make the most of it because work days are a lot less stressed out with a smile on your face!
 I'm very interactive with visitors and I'm always challenging myself to learn new skills and work with people of different experiences. I believe in training colleagues in tasks they may not have a lot of experience in and pushing them to practise because you want your team to be strong and confident team that succeeds in every job confidently and professionally.  I use this attitude on myself for the same reasons and I believe the only way your going to excel at a job is to put yourself in that position and practise in order to better yourself. 


Available for Work in the Following Sectors

  • Countryside
  • Gamekeeping and Wildlife Management
  • Urban/Greenspace
  • Wildlife Conservation
  • Ecology
  • Animals

Interested in the Following Hours

  • Full Time
  • Voluntary


  1. BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma Countryside Management- Merit
  2. BTEC LEVEL 2 Diploma Animal Management- Distinction

NPTC lEVEL 2 Processing and felling trees upto 380mm
NPTC Level 2 Chainsaw maintenance and cross-cutting
NPTC Level 2 Safe use of handheld hedge cutter
NPTC Level 2 safe use of brush-cutter and strimmers
NPTC Level 2 Safe use of manually fed wood-chipper
C&G Level 2 Agricultural tractor driving
NPTC Level 2 Safe use of pesticides


Additional Qualifications


  • Driving Licence
  • 4x4/ATV/Tractor Driving


  • Brushcutter
  • Chainsaw Operation and Maintenance


  • Sprayer/Use of Chemicals

NGB Awards


RHS Qualifications (or Equivalent)

Outdoor Education


Preferred Employment Location

  • England - East Midlands


Estate Ranger Woburn Forest Center Parcs:-  December 2017/present

Woodland Managment: - Reporting of trees with ill health, tree felling and thinning out, processing cut trees, chipping, gorse management and restoring public pathways and fixing or putting up post and rail fences through the woods.

Wetland Management: - Removal of overgrown reeds and weeds in the ponds and streams.

Grass cutting:- Using strimmers, mowers, hedge cutters and BSC's to grass cut around the whole of site being aware of the guests and the work vehicles around us.Also working alongside the conservationist managing the wildflower hill once a year ensuring its cut and raked.

I take part in the daily vehicle and machinary checks reporting any faults and once a week I do STAT checks on site checking footpaths, life bouys, wooden structures, fire beaters, fire trailors and fences and report back any faults/repairs which I then forward on as jobs that need prioritising. 

Grounds Assistent Center parcs  :- July 2016/ December 2017

. Clearing and weeding of flower bed in main areas on site
. pruning the plants around site 
. Restoring overgrown flower beds and rebarking
. Removal and installment of tree guards on Dogwoods and Pines
. Litter picking and chaging bins

Voluntary Experience and working holidays 2015 - 2017

Clumber Park National Trust:- 4 days

.Grassland managment:- Removal and clearance of Ragwort around certain fields due to it being overgrown and quite poisonous.

.Wetland Management:- Removal of the invasive Himalayan Balsam along the river to prevent it from spreading and growing further.

. Conservational work:- I did some Marshland management which involved removing Oak and Silver Birch saplings and trees to preserve the marshland they were growing on. I did some clearance work on a  hillside removing Hawthorns and Brambles which was to allow butterflies to then breed and lay eggs.

Dark Peak Estate National Trust:- 7 days

. I was working on a valley near Backside Wood in High Peak Estate managing the Bracken due to it being overgrown, lacking diversity and causing landslides and putting lots of peat into the natural stream below. I had to brash all the bracken with my team and then hammer in tree gaurds around the valley for when another team came to put the saplins in.

. At the top of the valley I helped restore a dry stone wall before constructing and fitting a fence around the whole field with my team of 12, this was to help protect the ancient forest from the livestock that kept getting in.

Canons Ashby Estate National Trust:- 4 days

. I helped collect all the fruits and vegetables from the Ashby house garden and packaged them all up ready to sell to visitors.
. Pruned and maintained the fruit plants
. Participated in a tree survey with a conservation student doing a university project in Canons Ashby Woods. 

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