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How much does it cost?
Nothing it's free to register and as a Jobseeker no money will ever be requested to use this service. For Freelancers and Recruiters (employers) registration and use of the service is free although this is subject to change. There are various paid options for advertising see the Recruiters FAQs.

If I decide to register will you pass on my details to other companies?
We will not pass on, sell or otherwise distribute your details other than agreed by use of this site (i.e. to potential employers). We cannot say that they will never be given to anyone, because VAT Inspectors and a few other government officials are duly authorised to inspect them on demand. We are registered with the Information Commissioners and our Data Protection Register number is: Z9570707. We are fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulations. See our privacy policy here.

I've forgotten my log in details, how do I access my account?
You can reset your password on the sign in page.

What information do you have about me?
Only what you provide during the sign up process and you add to your profile which you can access and amend at any time.

I want to delete my profile.
That's fine, simply email your request to

Old Harry Rocks

Jobseeker Specific FAQ

I don't want to list my CV, just to look at job ads? Can I do that?
Yes. As a CJS production C3 has details of the latest vacancies listed on the CJS site. To view all the adverts currently online Click Here. To gain access to all the vacancies published by CJS Click Here. You may also sign up to the daily email update or follow us on social media, search for @CountrysideJobs. NB: these links take you to pages on the CJS Site.

Recruiter Specific FAQ

Do employers have to register to view the details of candidates?
No, you may browse the profiles of the job seekers registered with C3. However, if you would like to contact the candidate you will need to register. Registration is free and at present it is free to view contact details although limits may be placed if excessive usage is detected.

Freelancer and Jobseeker Specific FAQ

Why hasn't my Profile / CV  appeared online yet?
The team check your profile and CV before making it live. This is to ensure it complies with the site profile.

Why are you only showing part of my profile?
We limit the introductory summary to 250 characters. You may include additional details in your online profile which can be read on your profile page.

There are hundreds of profiles, how will a Recruiter find mine?
 Recruiters have access to multiple search features which work based on your profile selections to filter profiles according to their requirements. However, it is important that your introductory summary is eye catching to encourage recruiters to click through to read your full profile.

Why can't I see my contact details?
Only signed in registered recruiters have access to the contact details or can request that their details be sent to you.

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