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I have just over 12 years of experience in conservation first in land management and as a warden on a nature reserve before expanding into education and survey work. As a freelance surveyor I am currently in my 3rd season having done work for 8 different consultancies over the last 2 years. I have a first class degree in environmental science and geography finishing top of my class, a Level 2 Certificate and Diploma in Work-based Environmental Conservation and a graduate member of CIEEM. I am currently on a distinction in my Masters degree in biological recording pending the results of my dissertation. I have been involved in several projects including a couple of crayfish reintroductions, a signal crayfish control project, a crassula control project, baseline surveys for a beaver reintroduction project, putting in leaky woody debris dams for a slow the flow project, various atlases and bioblitzes, radio tracking polecats and bats, reintroducing and monitoring dormice and mapping and monitoring populations of water vole and otters.

Profile Outline

-   I have a first class degree in Physical Geography and Applied Environment Science finishing top of my year in Geography 2007-08, 08-09 and 09-10 and in Applied Environmental Science 09-10 and I am currently studying part-time for a Master’s degree in Biological Recording. I also have a Level 2 Certificate and Diploma in Work-based Environmental Conservation, a current outdoor first aid certificate, a site visitor CSCS card, a Level 2 Certificate of Competence in Brushcutting operations, woodchipper and PA1 and PA6 pesticide qualifications. I have a current, clean driving licence with minibus (D1) and trailer licences added as well as ATV (quad bike), 4x4 off-road driving and tractor licences and have my own vehicle available for business use. I currently hold a Great Crested Newt survey licence and in the process of working towards my own level 2 bat, crayfish, natterjack toad and dormouse licences.

-          My main area of interest is invertebrates and I have been involved in several projects such as the Shropshire Springtail Atlas, earthworm surveys and butterfly surveys for The National Trust and various Wildlife Trusts and do freshwater invertebrate/water quality monitoring for a crayfish ARK site. I am also involved in a Wood White butterfly project covering the West Midlands, managing habitats and surveying, assist with a Scarlet Tiger project in an urbanised area of Stourbridge again managing habitats and surveying, invertebrate surveys as part of a finding rare species project in the Malverns and a project sterilising signal crayfish in Worcestershire. Currently I am also writing a Masters Degree dissertation in earthworm survey techniques. I have also completed a training course in undertaking professional level invertebrate surveys and writing reports for them. My main invertebrate groups are spiders, Lepidoptera, soil inverts (earthworms, woodlice, centipedes, millipedes, pseudoscorpions and springtails) and Hemiptera although I am working on improving my Diptera, Hymenoptera and Coleoptera knowledge.

-          I also have a keen interest in bats and have done lots of dawn and dusk surveys for consultancies over the last year and numerous emergence surveys and bat walks as a volunteer for various bat groups as well as being involved in several radio tracking projects, bat box checks, hibernation counts and mist netting/harp trapping.

-          I have also been involved in amphibian and reptile projects and have undertaken several newt fencing projects as a field surveyor and have done reptile surveys and habitat assessments on Cannock Chase and amphibian and reptile surveys for consultancies including eDNA sampling. I also help monitor a population of Natterjack toads in Cheshire, do voluntary work for the Gems in the Dunes project doing habitat management and surveys for Natterjack toads and sand lizards and run events and training as secretary of the Shropshire and Staffordshire ARG.

-          I have been active in several mammal projects including dormouse reintroductions, radio-tracking polecats, microchipping and monitoring Edible dormice populations, badger vaccinations (which involved helping with surveying, pre-baiting, setting the traps and then assisting the vaccinator on the day), otter holt building, baseline surveying for a beaver reintroduction project, water vole surveys and habitat assessments, pine marten surveys and the usual small mammal trapping, owl pellet dissections and dormice box checks. I have also done breeding bird surveys and targeted species searches for woodcock, nightjar, lesser spotted woodpeckers and swifts.

-          I additionally have experience in a range of hands-on conservation work including firewood preparation, green wood working, charcoal production, meadow mowing, heather brash strewing and re-seeding, hedgelaying, path clearance and creation, car park repairs, installing benches, signs, barriers and noticeboards, bee beach creation, making scrapes for Green Hairstreak and Dingy Skipper butterflies, clearing areas of invasive species, heather burning, dry stone walling, reedbed, wildflower and tree planting, tree felling, pollarding, coppicing, ring-barking trees for standing deadwood, orchard maintenance and restoration, spraying invasive plants, ditch digging, constructing and installing dormice, bird and bat boxes, bug and bee hotels, boardwalks, green roofs, stock fences, deer fences, rabbit-proof fences, tern rafts, culverts, steps, styles, bridges, otter holts, raised plant beds and gates. I have trained groups as well, particularly NEETs and young adults with learning difficulties a variety of different skills such as coppicing and hedgelaying and currently run hedgelaying and coppicing training courses. 

Available for Work in the Following Sectors

  • Countryside
  • Education
  • Wildlife Conservation
  • Ecology

Preferred Employment Location

  • England - West Midlands


  • Intermediate - A few years of professional experience


  • One off jobs

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